Welcome to our Hill Station, Girivan

Experiences beyond expectations, Warmth beyond comforts, Nature beyond style

Cozy and Charming Stay

Wake up in the morning and open your door to be greeted by nature itself! With a cozy and comfort stay in bungalows perfectly spaced and placed in the Sahyadri Mountains.

Relax in a Beautiful Nature

The beautiful and exciting natural setting at Girivan attracts everyone. You can take a walk in the forest just absorbing all the wonders nature has to offer you. Let the beautiful nature relax and rejuvenate you.

Enjoy Fun Activities

Girivan offers more than picturesque landscape and indulges you in fun outdoor activities and much more. So pack your bags and get ready for all new excitement in the hills!

Destination Wedding

Want a wedding like a star or like the ones you see in movies? We offer you something much more exciting and memorable than even the movies! Solemnise your marital bond in the presence and blessings of mother nature herself!


Start a trend and show the world in what style you do things! With sterling and premium facilities of Girivan, the guests will be enthralled for sure. Let us give you and your guests a banquet to remember!


Food is one important essence of the resort. What if your dining room decor gets adorned with trees, flowers and grass? We mean real trees. Enjoy nature’s hospitality at Girivan. Make your simple dining experience during tours, an exotic and incredible one!

Enjoy our other speciality

The resort management has expertise in organising special interest programmes

  • Girivan Glory

    Girivan's nature trail changes with each season. Come, enjoy its many experiences. Admire a beautiful nature as you walk around the Resort, listen to the birds and discover some of the most scenic photo spots of the Resort.

  • Indoor Games

    Spend your lazy afternoons with some exciting indoor games which include Table Tennis, Chess, Carroms, Playing Cards, etc. You can stay inside and still have a great time.

  • Children's Play Area

    At Girivan, there is always a special welcome for our youngest guests. Your kids will never go short of entertainment here. You will find numerous activities and thoughtful facilities to keep them occupied and entertained.

  • Outdoor Activities

    For those who prefer outdoor activities, our resort is fully equipped with a range of sporting facilities like Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Badminton and To make your fun complete, we have put together a collection of exciting games. Play more and breathe more our fresh, pure atmospheric air.

Girivan has completed a 25-year mark successfully in 2015 by celebrating its Silver Jubilee.
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"Memorable Moments in Nature's Paradise"

Get pampered by nature! Yes, that’s exactly what you get at Girivan. Imagine relaxing on your day off, knowing fully that you are surrounded by mother nature and she is taking good care of you! That’s the magic of Girivan. Nature is wild and scenic but Girivan makes it all the more pleasant! You will experience your own quiet peace and strength in the lap of nature itself. A perfect place to stay for comfort, simplicity and natural beauty.